Pilot 1: Citizens Engagement (Issy-les-Moulineaux, France)

Initial workshops with citizens will be within the context of Issy’s unique museum, the Museum of Playing Cards, with a very rich historical and contemporary collection of this particular cultural heritage. A number of workshops with youth (ages 15 to 18) and adults will take place in the Museum itself with the theme of going from past to present and co-conceive arty games with creatives on the different topics of the museum. Further workshops will be held in the new media arts centre in the “Coeur de Ville”.  The goal is to collectively imagine and define a given interactive 2D/3D environment with artists. 

Pilot 2: Art in Public Spaces (Hounslow, UK)

The pilot is designed to test and demonstrate the capabilities & creative potential of Artcast4D by commissioning artists/designers to use the technology in producing their own new creative works. Over a 2-year period, WATER will curate 5 separate commissions which demonstrate different potential uses of the technology. The presentations of these new commissions will, in some cases, be event-based; others will be installations which can be presented over several months and seen by thousands of people.  The creatives commissioned will be from Europe and the UK.   

Pilot 3: Innovation in Art and Experience (Valencia, Spain)

Being one of six main sites of IVC, Espai LaGranja is a resource and meditation centre for dance and movement arts that is dedicated to supporting and exploring new ways of cultural creation, experimentation, and disruption, as well as to training professionals in the field. By prioritizing the integration of arts and technologies in the work agenda, Espai LaGranja will introduce Artcast4D as an innovative technological solution to the local dance arts community and test how this solution can support artistic innovation in contemporary dance and improve viewing experience of citizens, therefore creating more market opportunities for local contemporary dancing groups and artists. 

Pilot 4: Wisdom Tourism (Athens, Greece)

The Pilot is pioneering a new museological methodology, internationally: Interactive Immersive Wisdom. It will pose eternal Moral Dilemmas, presented to viewers immersively using the IdeoVisual© methodology for displaying abstractions (values and ideas), where the viewers will be invited to vote, interactively, on the dilemmas. The Immersive Wisdom exhibit will be set outdoors, Artcast4D technology, by Aristotle’s monumental 2400-year-old Peripatetic School in Athens.