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Advances in immersive technologies represent an important driver for the “experience economy,” enhancing breadth, depth and intensity of artistic performances or the visitors’experience at arts and cultural institutions, ultimately contributing to the competitive advantage to the EU industry. Yet, advanced immersive solutions are usually neither readily available nor broadly accessible, as they require specific developments hardly supported by institutions, confined into laboratories, limited in the immersive experience they offer to the users.

Artcast4D: Unleashing creativity! is a Research and Innovation Action, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe funding Programme, that aims to design, develop, and test a global framework for Cultural Creative Industries in Europe for producing efficient, cost-effective software and hardware (projectors, computers, cameras, and detectors), multi-user, multi-site, multi-platform non-invasive immersive and interactive users’ experiences.

Artcast4D aims to approach culture as an emotionally engaging “communicative experience” in public spaces, to test its potential on 4 different pilots and 4 different scenarios. Pilots will showcase the potential of immersive experiences to boost CCIs as a driver of innovation and competitiveness using impact assessment and measurement techniques. Furthermore, the project will provide evidence on the role of the cultural and creative industries as drivers of innovation in other economic sectors such as Citizens engagement in public space, Art & Creativity in Public Spaces, Innovation in Art and Experience, and Tourism and advertising of cultural events like a global social sculpture.

Artcast4D has been funded by under Grant Agreement 101061163. The Consortium is coordinated by Politecnico di Milano and brings together 10 domain-skilled partners from 7 European Countries, merging research, technological, creative and cultural background.

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