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The Pillars of Our Latex House is a project commissioned by Watermans as one of the pilots in the ArtCast4D project and uses the AAAseed software.


Immersive Tech Week

Immersive Tech Week is a unique festival where creativity, innovation, business, research and art meet to explore the impact of immersive technologies on our planet, culture, and society.



Muse partner event, Zurich.


‘Cultural and creative industries, cities and citizens fostering sustainable development and the European way of living’

Spanish EU PResidency event organized by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), mandated by the Spanish Ministry of Science, and Innovation and in partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Viva Technology

Major cross-sector event. Though many concerned by our domain(s) and tech
will be there. June 14-17, 2023.


SigGraph Asia

Asian version and extension of SigGraph held in Sydney.


SigGraph US

Conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques.


Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual, the first event dedicated to immersive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality) which gathers the all European AR/VR community since 1999.


WSIS Forum 2023 II

The Agenda and Programme of the Forum will be built on the basis of the submissions received during the Open Consultation Process (OCP). The Open Consultation process aims at ensuring a participatory and inclusive spirit of the Forum. This process actively engages multistakeholders in the preparatory process to ensure broad ownership and further improvements of the Forum. The Open Consultation Process will include a collection of inputs from regional and national WSIS related events.


WSIS Forum 2023

The WSIS Forum 2023 is scheduled to be held from 13 to 17 March 2023 at the ITU Headquarters premises in Geneva, with the support of remote participation. Virtual workshops will continue in April & May. 


Festival #Vivalssy

Start-ups and high-tech companies will meet for the Viva Technology fair, at the Parc des Expositions in Paris, on the border of Issy-les-Moulineaux. It's a great opportunity to promote the actors of innovation in Issy (companies, associations, universities, local authorities) for ten days around the subject.


ISEA 2023

28th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Digital Creation, Creative Industries - Cultural Innovation Symbiosis ISEA2023 Paris, France. May 16-21, 2023.


Neuchâtel Switzerland

University of Neuchâtel

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