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Design and implementation of interactive projection with motion sensors and multi-user interaction, embedded in a nacelle suitable for urban public lighting such as lamppost, ...

The concept is far from being new to us. We had to wait for the arrival of so-called "laser" lamp video projection. This technology no longer requires changing a projector lamp. The service life is given for (at least) 20,000 hours. And there is no more maintenance required. Builders call it "fit and forget"

D-Lamp beta v.1 aerial platform
D-Lamp beta v.1 platform mounted on a lamppost


The idea is quite simple. Replace the heart of a lamppost with a video projector, a mini computer and an interactive capture camera. All encapsulated in a carefully designed waterproof pod. The device can be fixed to a wall or integrated on a standard, existing or custom-designed post. It serves both as an augmented street light and, of course, a source of video images and graphics.


The image on the ground becomes a field of wonder as the public, passing over it, interacts with the contents through the movements of the body and the arms.


Depending on the context, the content can be works of art, evocations of the heritage and culture of a city or even fun , information, or even announcements or advertisements in a new form.

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