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Immersion is a phenomenon happening when the user feels their presence isolated from the real world and embodied in the artificial environment in which stimuli create a surrounding experience fully engaging human sensory modalities.

Immersion can be identified as cognitive and emotional engagement, sensory involvement, embodiment, and isolation from the real world, feeling a sense of presence in a surrounding experience. 

In the upheaval of the last three years, Bianca Li’s Le Bal de Paris, developed by BackLight, involved ten spectators equipped with VR headsets dancing with the company’s dancers on the stage of a virtual social world. London’s Royal Opera House, with Figment Production, opened the opera to hyper-reality for four lucky spectators equipped for the experience.

Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Technologies and Cross-Sector Applications
Delivery date: 31/08/2023 (M12) – Politecnico di Milano

This deliverable presents the findings of Task 1.2 of the Artcast 4D research project, focusing on the understanding and analysis of the concept of immersion, immersive technologies, and their multifaceted applications across various sectors to enhance immersive experiences.

The investigation comprises four main parts that go into increasing detail.

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