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Pilot 3: Innovation in Art and Experience
Valencia, Spain

In collaboration with the Institute València de Cultura (IVC)- the cultural authority of the regional government of Valencia, we will carry out a pilot case study that is aimed at experimenting with and prototyping the Artcast4D solution in the performing arts context.


With the artistic and technical support of the consortium, one of the main venues of IVC - Espai LaGranja - will fund visual and performing artists to create a novel contemporary dance programme based on immersive technology through a competitive open call targeting the local creative community, and support its commercialisation on the regional and national market.


Based on the empirical data and evidence collected in the case study, a KPI-based evaluation and monitoring will be conducted to check the applicability and reliability of the developed solution in a performing arts context and to assess their potential contribution to strengthening innovation capacity and the competitiveness of local cultural and creative communities with a market-oriented approach.

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