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Work packages

Through an original experimental study, we will aim at specifying the key features that are most important for immersion in a realistic setting (T1.1). The outcomes will be assessed in the light of the recorded behavioural asymmetry to determine a metric of the users’ immersion, and to guide the design of the Artcast4D application. In the remaining tasks of this WP, through desk research we intend to collect the actual needs of the EU CCIs in terms of immersive technologies and undertake business and technical feasibility analysis. Finally, we

will translate the project research and development outcomes into policy briefs about how to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation potential of CCIs in the EU and in the international markets.

Based on the cumulative long-term expertise of the partners in the field, we will design and develop affordable equipment and a full open-source software solution to produce cost-effective, flexible, multi-site, multiplatform non-invasive immersive and interactive environments with ease to install, calibrate, maintain, and update.

We will implement the new technological solution at four sites with radically different characteristics in terms of publics, spaces, types, contents and functions. These four pilot cases will be examined to test the feasibility, validity, reliability, and sustainability of the multi-site solution through a KPI-oriented evaluation and monitoring, process along the defined metrics of users’ immersion.

(1) Create a strong internal project understanding of how the D&C activities can be used to support overall project’s objectives; (2) Empower all partners to use Artcast4D messages and tactics to convey the project’s vision, aims and benefits; (3) Engage targeted stakeholders groups at both the pilot and project’s levels; (4) Develop mutual benefits with cluster projects to share resources/data and spread good practices; (5) Generate positive media coverage for the project at local, national, European and global levels; (6) Ensure Artcast4D outcomes and benefits are disseminated and communicated to all interested parties; (7) Actively participate in multiple off-and online workshops and organise a final European Conference (M36).

The objective of this WP is to support the project in succeeding its goals through strong coordination and continuous monitoring, assessment and reporting. This includes: overall management and coordination of the work conducted in the project; monitoring of the delivered work quality; administrative, technical, scientific and financial management; conflict resolution and risk management and warranting legal and ethics compliance to the highest applicable standards.

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