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Cluster projects

A sustainable hub of arts, research, learning and community as catalyst.

A pan European framework for a holistic approach to CH R&I, by creating the Alliance for Research on Cultural Heritage in Europe (ARCHE), a spearheading coordination network of researchers, innovators, heritage professionals, institutional bodies, and citizens. The objective is to engage all CH actors in member States / Associated Countries in the co-design of R&I strategies and roadmaps that lead to R&I initiatives requiring multidisciplinary approaches and skills

Resilient European Cultural Heritage as Resource for Growth and Engagement. RECHARGE is about participation and the value of cultural heritage and its institutions. Turning that creativity into money that keeps the institution afloat is the challenge RECHARGE is set to answer.

PREMIERE is to develop and validate a comprehensive ecosystem of digital applications, powered by leading edge AI, XR and 3D technologies, designed to fulfil the needs of diverse end-user communities involved in the main stages of the lifecycle of performing arts productions, including amateur and professional performers, performance art producers and curators, performance art spectators and scholars.


MuseIT aims to co-design, develop, and co-evaluate a multisensory, user-centred platform for enriched engagement with cultural assets with inclusion and equal opportunity for all as core principles. The MuseIT innovation is rooted in multisensory representations of cultural heritage which extend beyond the visual and auditory senses.


Place-based innovation of cultural and creative industries in non-urban areas. IN SITU project will carry out research and experiments to develop innovative practices and building capacity and releasing the potential of cultural and creative industries. The project will introduce new approaches to investigating economic evolution and diversification, a challenge-oriented approach to processes of innovation. The core defining aspect of IN SITU is the interlinking of research and practice through place based IN SITU Labs, hubs for projects in Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Croatia. It will map innovative and cross-sectoral collaboration practices, exchange knowledge and strengthen the capacity of CCI actors across Europe.


Museums using video games to engage global audiences. MEMENTOES project will design three immersive video games each intended for a real (rather than virtual) museum.

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