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Reversing Cyber Loneliness

After more than thirty years we reopen the folder of immersivity in a social dimension enabling creatives to express themselves in open public spaces. Is “immersivity” an interesting and innovative “communicative experience” to be enjoyed together with other citizens, breaking cyber-isolation. This paper describes a interdisciplinary Horizon Europe research project aimed to design and develop a cost
effective, hassle-free, easy to install and tune solution to setup a multi-user, multisite, multi-platform non-invasive immersive and interactive users’ experiences, sorry for the long list of buzzwords identifying the key characteristics. The “users” are subdivided in two families: creative/authors and citizens. The first family is again subdivided by: authors without cyber skills and the couple creatives/programmers.


The outcomes of the project includes specific training courses to enable both authors to express their creativity thanks to a simple procedure and already developed components or in case of cyber skilled users to integrate the open source platform with new ad-hoc created components.


Culture, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Creative Industries, Digital Art.

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