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Advances in immersive technology are an important driver of the experience economy,

enhancing visitor experiences at cultural institutions. Yet, advanced immersive solutions are often unavailable nor broadly accessible, as they require specific developments often unsupported by institutions, confined to laboratories, and limited in the immersive experiences they offer to users.


There is a need to create a global framework for cultural creativity,

by designing and developing efficient, cost-effective software and hardware (projectors, computers, cameras, and detectors), multi-user, multi-site, multi-platform non-invasive immersive and interactive user experiences.

A relevant step forward

can be due to the use of large interactive virtual reality theatres in public spaces, where citizens can experience both media company products and personal artefacts.


In such public spaces, citizens can interact with the application

in connection with other citizens in public spaces pertaining to different countries and cultures.


The objective of the Artcast4D project is to develop an accessible open-source program based on the proven AAASeed real-time 2D/3D software.

Artcast4D relies on theoretical and experimental research,

open-source software associated with innovative interactive display solutions, together with case studies and on-site beta testing. The project’s innovation lies in its ability to create immersive environments in open spaces, with minimally intrusive projection technology, through the design of interactive applications with crowd movement and sensing capabilities, based on available open-source solutions.


Artcast4D aims to approach culture as an emotionally engaging “communicative experience” in public spaces,

to test its potential on 4 different pilots and 4 different scenarios: Issy-les-Moulineaux, Hounslow, Valencia and Athens, each with different artistic topics and experiences, bringing together creative actors and industrial partners with the civil society. All pilots will include training workshops, and open training modules designed for developers and artists. Pilots will showcase the potential of immersive experiences to boost CCIs as a driver of innovation and competitiveness using impact assessment and measurement techniques. These projects will also help to drive policy guidelines on how to strengthen competitiveness and innovation.

Artcast4D will unleash the potential of European Union Cultural and Creative Industries for designing and developing cost-effective, non-invasive, immersive, and interactive user experiences.

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