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The Pillars of Our Latex House
Opening Night at Watermans

31 May 2024

The Pillars of Our Latex House (23 March—11 April) is a project commissioned by Watermans as a pilot in the Artcast 4D project, which uses AAAseed software.

Indigenous to the Malaysian archipelago, by the 19th Century, the gutta-percha tree was known for the rubber that made underwater telegraph cables a revolutionary success.

Employing AAAseed, London artist Tendayi Vine explores the identity of the tree as a material, a symbol, an architect of communications, and a figure of tension and displacement. 

This audio recording captures the first half of the show’s opening night. Participants include Watermans curator Klio Krajewska, Battleground publisher Natalie-Sarkic Todd and artist Tendayi Vine.

Recording courtesy of Watermans. All rights reserved.

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